The Beautiful BMW i8

This amazing BMW is a blast to drive. I know some people complain about the Active Sound exhaust generator but I love it. Basically there’s a speaker underneath the driver-side rear in a circular metal housing that has what looks like an exhaust pipe coming out of it. The speaker generates an exhaust note to compliment the three cylinder turbocharged engine that has it’s exhaust exiting on the passenger-side rear. The Active Sound system also adds “fake” exhaust sound to the interior of the vehicle using the stereo system in the car. The car is fast, fun to drive and attracts a lot of attention. Once you open the doors it can draw a crowd. Oh, and did I mention it has launch control! Checkered flags are displayed on the HUD and a message states the vehicle is in Launch Control mode. The launch is incredible. The electric motor driving the front wheels provides instant acceleration and torque while the gas engine builds boost and seamlessly propels the car to BMW’s claimed 0-60 of 4.4 seconds. I can tell you it’s faster than that. My Butt dyno says it’s closer to 4.o seconds. Road & Track managed a real world tested 3.8 seconds to reach 60 mph. No matter what the real number is, it’s fast!

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