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The BMW 700 a Post-War Savior


AutoGeekz spotted this 1964 BMW 700 in the BMW Museum in Munich. The design was a departure from BMW’s norm, it has no Hofmeister kink or the twin kidney grills. When BMW released this car at eh 1959 Frankfurt Auto Show, they received 25,000 purchase orders and secured the 700’s future. Some people credit this car with saving BMW in the post-war era.

BMW M1 in Munich Museum

BMW produced only 453 of these gorgeous mid-engine sports cars. The 3.5L in-line 6 cylinder engine (code named M88) produced 273 horsepower and could propel the M1 to 162 MPH. I had the absolute pleasure of driving one of these amazing cars at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg SC while mobile traditions took the cars out on the m88track back in 2000. The sound of the glorious M88 behind you is like a world-class mechanical symphony! This is a cool picture I took of the M88 in the BMW Museum in Munich German. If you’re a BMWPhile this museum is a must. The individual velocity stacks on the M88 make it one pretty motor.