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AutoGeekz Tours the BMW Group VDC


We had an awesome day at the BMW Group VDC. BMW was kind enough to give a full tour of the facility but we had to put our cameras and phones away. So unfortunately this is the only picture we have from our day at this incredible facility. The 2018 BMW 760Li in matte gray was our favorite car on the tour followed closely by the M4 GTS and a Rolls Royce Ghost black edition. Thanks BMW

BMW M4 M-Performance @bimmerfesteast

mperformanceThis M4 was at BimmerFest East 2016. Not a big fan of the M-Stripes but it had some great accessories on it. Check out the carbon-fiber front splitters and black kidney grills. This car also had the carbon fiber rear diffuser which in my opion looks the best on white cars. BMW NA brought some pretty cool cars with them this year. I’m looking forward to Bimmer Fest East 2017. Hope to see you there!

BMW M1 in Munich Museum

BMW produced only 453 of these gorgeous mid-engine sports cars. The 3.5L in-line 6 cylinder engine (code named M88) produced 273 horsepower and could propel the M1 to 162 MPH. I had the absolute pleasure of driving one of these amazing cars at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg SC while mobile traditions took the cars out on the m88track back in 2000. The sound of the glorious M88 behind you is like a world-class mechanical symphony! This is a cool picture I took of the M88 in the BMW Museum in Munich German. If you’re a BMWPhile this museum is a must. The individual velocity stacks on the M88 make it one pretty motor.

The Beautiful BMW i8

This amazing BMW is a blast to drive. I know some people complain about the Active Sound exhaust generator but I love it. Basically there’s a speaker underneath the driver-side rear in a circular metal housing that has what looks like an exhaust pipe coming out of it. The speaker generates an exhaust note to compliment the three cylinder turbocharged engine that has it’s exhaust exiting on the passenger-side rear. The Active Sound system also adds “fake” exhaust sound to the interior of the vehicle using the stereo system in the car. The car is fast, fun to drive and attracts a lot of attention. Once you open the doors it can draw a crowd. Oh, and did I mention it has launch control! Checkered flags are displayed on the HUD and a message states the vehicle is in Launch Control mode. The launch is incredible. The electric motor driving the front wheels provides instant acceleration and torque while the gas engine builds boost and seamlessly propels the car to BMW’s claimed 0-60 of 4.4 seconds. I can tell you it’s faster than that. My Butt dyno says it’s closer to 4.o seconds. Road & Track managed a real world tested 3.8 seconds to reach 60 mph. No matter what the real number is, it’s fast!

The Best BMW M3 ever made?

We at AutoGeekz love the BMW E46 M3. BMW introduced the E46 M3 to the US market in 2001. With its 3.2L high revving normally aspirated inline 6 cylinder engine boasting 333hp, it was an instant hit. Dealers had waiting lists and in some cases asked over MSRP for the early arrivals. Today some enthusiasts believe it to be the best M3 ever made. Some M car enthusiasts will claim the E30 M3 takes the number one spot but most will agree the E36, E90 and F80 don’t belong in first or second place. Although the E30 holds a special place in our hearts, the power, sound and handling of the E46 puts it squarely in the number one spot for us.